Introduction to Annular Pressure Analysis in Drilling Operations

This one-hour virtual course introduces participants on how to analyze annular pressure measurements, i.e. equivalent circulating density (ECD), as well as other types of downhole pressure measurements with a combination of other drilling data. The course is an introduction of a subject topic from the fundamental course, and it focuses on techniques in the interpretation of different types of pressure logs with annular pressures i.e. ECD, other downhole pressures and drilling data measurements from field operations. The pressure logs scenarios in this course are within a wide range of other pressure log scenarios in the fundamental course with unique analysis and interpretation. This introductory course is a step towards equipping oil and gas professionals who want an understanding of pressure log analysis and will like to build on correct interpretation techniques of pressure logs. It is important to understand how to analyze pressure logs in order to identify and mitigate potential well problems in drilling operations.

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