Torque and Drag Software Application Workshop



The training workshop will cover an overview of torque and drag theory, and software application; which includes the various input requirements, and the analysis and interpretation of Torque and Drag results in drilling operations. Participants will be able to use typical field cases for different drilling operational scenarios such as drilling with rotation, drilling while sliding, pickup without and with rotation, slack-off without and with rotation and rotating off bottom for drill-string design and optimization. This involves the proper selection of drill-pipe grades, class, dimensions and connections; and the number and placement of HWDP, etc. to predict and minimize torque and drag to prevent hole problems; and also meet drill-pipe design limits for tension, torque, buckling and stress within operational and rig requirements. In addition, Participants will introduce on how to compare calculated hook-load and torque values to actual field values in other to identify possible hole problems and frictional factor calibration.Participants will be able to simulate torque and drag outputs under various operational parameters, wellbore profiles and frictional factors for comparison. The workshop will cover lecture presentation with case examples, hands on participation with field cases and class exercises. Training materials and participant’s evaluation will be provided. A computer laptop and calculator is required for this course.

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What you will learn:

  • About the concept of Torque and Drag.
  • The terminology associated with various torque and drag inputs which includes drill-string components such as drill-pipe grades, size, class, weight, adjusted weight, connection, etc., HWDP and Drill-collars, WOB, Wellbore surveys, etc.
  • To input well information, select operational criteria’s and model options in torque and drag programs.
  • How to design your drill-string for various drilling objective, operational scenarios and parameters within available drill-string such as HWDP, Drill-pipe, Drill-collar, etc, and rig requirement limits such as rig torque and hook-load, etc.
  • How to use Torque and Drag programs to optimize drill-string selection, in other to solve common potential drilling operational problems such a pipe buckling, twist-off and wear, stuck-pipe, insufficient and excessive WOB, excessive rig torque, etc.
  • How to use Torque and Drag to simulate torque and drag outputs with various operational input parameters such as WOB, RPM, ROP etc., wellbore trajectories and frictional factors within rig requirements for comparison.
  • The terminology associated with various torque and drag outputs such as axial load, torsional load, buckling, sidewall forces etc.
  • The selection criteria for both soft-string and stiff-string models; and be able to compare results with both models. Frictional factor calibration process.
  • How to use Torque and Drag outputs to identify possible hole problems.
  • The analysis and interpretation of Torque and Drag outputs from field cases.

At the end of the Torque and Drag software training workshop, attendees will understand Torque/Drag principles and be able to use Torque and Drag software in Field Operations.

Who Should Attend:

This two days Torque and Drag training workshop is designed Oil and Gas professionals and engineers in drilling (service and operating companies), drilling support and service personnel that are involved in drilling projects. Operations geologist, field drilling operations personnel, well-planners, technical and operations support personnels, independent operators, managers who are involved in drilling operations. Other technical and management professionals who need a practical understanding of Torque and Drag can attend. 

Course Level: Introduction to Intermediate

Course Duration: 2 days

Course Cost:

Registration cost per attendee is $625.00 per day. (Individual Rate)

                                                       $475.00 per day. (Group Rate)


Course Location: Houston, TX.

Event Properties

Event Date 05-17-2023 8:30 am
Event End Date 05-18-2023 4:30 pm
Capacity 10
Individual Price $1,250.00
Location Houston, Texas
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Group Rate

#Registrants Rate/Person($)
6 950.00
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