Collins Nwaneri

Collins started in the oil and gas industry as a petroleum engineer in 1997 for Texaco-overseas (Chevron), where he worked in drilling, workover and production operations as a wellsite engineer. He has work experience in operations, technical services, R&D and training in the field and in-house. His background includes field experience in drilling, production, workover and facilities operations; with 10 years field experience in drilling operations. He worked as a drilling services engineer for Halliburton at offshore GOM and onshore U.S. land in conventional and unconventional areas on various types of wells.  He has been involved with downhole drilling systems and drilling software development; and applications. Collins has provided training on drilling software and measurement/formation evaluation applications for drilling operations in the U.S. and International locations. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering and a Master of Science in petroleum engineering degree from the University of Louisiana, at Lafayette. He is a Consulting Engineer.

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