Drilling Optimization

We have a Field proven practical drilling optimization approach to help our clients prevent non-productive time (NPT), maximize daily drilled footage while maintaining wellbore integrity; and reduce well cost.

Our drilling optimization services comprises of post-well offset data analysis, pre-well data analysis, and real-time well data monitoring and analysis to maximize and improve drilling performance, optimize operating procedures; and lower well delivery cost.


Post-well review with offset surface and down-hole well data, and BHA information to understand prior performance issues. We analyze the surface/downhole data from offset wells to identify drilling inhibitors and optimize drilling of subsequent wells. We analyze Well and BHA informaiton of offset wells to optimize the BHA and drilling parameters for subsequent wellls.

Pre-well planning with Well and BHA data using Vibration, Hydraulics and Torque and Drag software's. We analyze the output to identify possible drilling inhibiters that reduces drilling efficiency; and optimize the BHA and drilling parameters.

Real-time monitoring of  surface and down-hole well data while drilling for clients. We monitor and analyze pressure data, vibration data, geological data, torque and drag data, hydraulics data and surface data to optimize drilling performance and deliver the well.


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