Drilling Technology Operations

Drilling Technology Operations - Basic

The content of this three day intensive basic course is designed for entry level engineers, drilling support and service personnel that are all involved in drilling projects. Other personnel, who want a basic understanding of drilling operations, can attend. The course gives the participants an understanding of the drilling concepts, requirements, operations and common practices in a drilling. The participants will get descriptions and explanation of processes involved in planning and implementing a drilling program, geology as it relates to drilling and reservoir rocks & properties as they influence drilling. At the end of the day, they will understand how factors such as: bottom hole pressure, permeability, porosity, e.tc. play a role in drilling decisions. Descriptions of rig types, equipment and operations will be highlighted. Drilling components such as: drill bits, drilling fluids, casing, cementing, evaluation/logging methods and drill-strings such as: MWD, Motor e.tc will be described, along with explanations of their related applications. In addition, participants will have a basic understanding of well control. Directional drilling fundamentals will be emphasized, where the participants will be become familiar with directional drilling techniques and the various types of tools that are applied to drill a well. Down-hole related drilling operation problems and remedies will be discussed. Hydraulics as it relates to internal drill-string pressure, bit pressure, wellbore annular pressure and cutting removal; and their impact on drilling will be discussed. Safety awareness and recent drilling technologies will be highlighted. Course materials and exercises are included.

Course Content

  • Planning and Implementation of a drilling program
  • Geology as it relates to drilling
  • Reservoirs rocks & properties influence on drilling
  • Rig types, equipment and operations
  • Drilling Components: Drill Bit types; Drilling fluids types; Casing;
    Cementing; Evaluation/Logging methods and Drill-string
  • Directional drilling fundamentals
  • Hydraulics
  • Down-hole drilling operation:common issues and remedies
  • Well control overview
  • Safety awareness
  • New Drilling Technologies

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