Health, Safety and Environment

safety signGeoFocal belief’s that safety is first. We are committed to a workplace that is Safe and healthy, and to the protection of the environment. We believe that injuries should be preventable and that operations should be conducted in a healthy, safe and secure environment. Furthermore, in the environment that we operate in, we aim to adhere to the minimal standards of any environmental concerns during operations.

We are committed to HSE, and in doing so expect all company facilities to abide to the following:

  • Prevent incidents and injures.
  • Comply with all applicable HSE legislation.
  • Prevention of environmental pollution.
  • Documentation and communication of all HSE performance measures in the company.
  • Adhere to safe work conditions and behaviours.
  • Periodic evaluation of safety management systems and Improvement to HSE performance measure.

GeoFocal believes that a safe, healthy and secure workplace and environment is vital to the success of our people and the work will do.






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