Consulting Services Overview

 GeoFocal provides consulting services in Well Solutions and Project Solutions:

Well Solutions

The well solutions service focuses on providing engineering and technical support on Drilling Optimization and Formation Evaluation projects to the upstream sector of the Oil and Gas Industry. We have years of hands-on practical field experience in the area of drilling optimization and measurement/formation evaluation.

Drilling Optimization

Our drilling optimization services helps clients optimize their drilling and operational parameters, and identify drilling inhibiters root cause to efficiently maximize ROP, reduce drilling time, and minimize well delivery cost.

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Formation Evaluation

The formation evaluation services assist our clients in the operation and monitoring of advanced drilling/formation evaluation measurements; and the introduction of drilling/formation evaluation systems.

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Project Solutions

The project solutions services specialize in providing contract and temporary, permament and temporary to permanent manpower support for projects across the energy sector i.e. oil and gas, alternate energy, etc., construction and across several industry sectors. We provide professional such as managers, supervisors, engineers, technical and field professionals for a wide range of technical disciplines at various stages or aspects of a project phase.

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